Essay: The use of green technology-overview

11 Oct

Essay: The use of green technology-overview

Sample Essay

According to the World Future Council (2010), the use of scientific disciplines such as chemistry in form of green chemistry will help reduce pollution by chemical substances further reinforcing the war against environment destructions. Finally, technological manipulations of physical properties of components by nanotechnological procedures can be said to be a huge milestone already achieved by green technology. Scientists need to come up with better educational structures that will enable the common persons understand the principals behind these innovations and why they need to switch to them. This is to dispel fears that products from this particular technology are harmful to the human and animal health. Similarly, this technology has been found to have multiple benefits if used well.

Technological transition will in no doubt boost the use of green technology and the council predicts that this will transmit the overall effect to conservation of the environment. In line with the thesis of this paper that sought to assess the sustainability of green technology in attempting to conserve the environment, it is not obsolete to conclude that green technology is by far more beneficial to man than many ordinary people would perceive. Failure to adopt these scientific approaches will obviously lead to an environmental crisis, which will eventually lead to an irreparable natural disaster.

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