Essay: The Syria-Iran alliance

11 Oct

Essay: The Syria-Iran alliance

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The Iran-Syria alliance was established back in 1979 when Imam Ruhallah Khomeini returned to Tehran from France where he had been exiled (Ehteshami & Hinnebusch 1997, p. 3). This was the essence of the Islamic revolution, which lead to new Islamic theocracy that based on the rule of the jurist principle with the jurist being the imam himself. Before his revolution established in the country, a new strategy was put in place aiming at exporting the same to other countries in the region.

Sunni Muslims feared that the Shia Muslims would take over the region, as the revolution was believed to originate from them. This made the then Iraq leader Saddam Hussein under persuasion by other like-minded Sunnis to aggressively begin a war with Iran that lasted for eight years (7). It is this art hart lead to establishment of the alliance where Syria chose to side with Iran not because it had established the Shia revolutionary theocracy but because Syria was looking forward to face off the much disturbances it as getting from Baghdad.

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