Essay: The rate of juvenile crime around the world

10 Oct

Essay: The rate of juvenile crime around the world

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The rate at which crimes involving the youth occur around the world especially the US is alarming. Statistics from the FIB reveal that 2 percent of the youths in the US indulge themselves in criminal activities (Cullen & Wright, 2002). These crimes are committed by both sexes but male offenders dominate compared to their female counterparts. This form a basis of why the feminist theory has been selected to form the platform of this paper. According to this report, 8 out of every 10 crimes are committed by males (ibid). Some of the most notorious causes include influences by the community, heredity, problems associated with identity among others. The manners in which juvenile crimes are committed in the US are worrying.

According to the US attorney’s office, almost a half of registered cases in 1995 were violent (32 %), or involved drug and substance abuse (Cullen & Wright, 2002). The Federal Bureau of Prisons indicates that juvenile delinquency incidences prevail among Native Americans with 61 percent of all confined individuals having this status. This is a better indicator that this kind of crime does not only involve non-native Americans as believed by many people, indicating that any attempts to deal with this problem should be focused on traditional or the history of these crimes.

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