Essay: The King Fahd academy founded in 1986

10 Oct

Essay: The King Fahd academy founded in 1986

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Founded in September 1986, the school was established with the objectives of providing of very high standard of education to children of the Saudi diplomats, local community, and Arab Muslims (FOSIS, 2003, p. 64). The school has undergone a series of curricular changes since its inception moving from offering a Saudi based entire curriculum in Arabic to teaching an international curriculum in English with Arabic taught alongside other subjects.

The school is composed of six departments: The nursery offering the Early Years Foundation stage, girls lower school and bots lower school working towards authorization from the International Baccalaureate (IB) in the case of Primary Years Program. For students in the Years 10 to 11, International GCSE is offered. The IB Diploma is offered to those with over the age of 16 years (Dennis, 2009, p. 46). Use of the Arab language as the main form of communication in king Fahad academy is mainly associated with religion, to be more specific, Muslim sciences. For this belief, most people believe that such schools can best produce Imams, Ulama, Hufuz, or other religious leaders as the reason being comprehensive citation and reliance on the Quran (48). This fact brings about a bias within the system where many assume that religion is the most favored extracurricular activity in such schools. Arab students who are not interested in religion end up feeling segregated by such institutions though they could be interested b studying in Arabic.

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