Essay: The Judaic tradition-Pedagogic personnel

10 Oct

Essay: The Judaic tradition-Pedagogic personnel

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Parents are the pre-assigned teachers to their children even before they can send them to other teachers. The education of children, therefore, in the past was left to the parents. This was also the case in the transmission of the Torah to other generations. However, this responsibility shifts to the other social order. Now, others are considered as part of the responsibility in dissemination of knowledge to the children.

In the fifth century, the reading of the Pentateuch was publicized; it was included in the curriculum by institutionalizing its public reading on Mondays and Thursdays and on the Sabbath. In this regard, scribes preserved the text while the Levites interpreted its meaning. This in turn led to the emergence of the rabbis as teachers of Torah. Here, the Torah together with other books constituted their text book (Alexander, 2001). It is believed that the concept of a teacher evolved during this period. The teacher or rabbi is a role model to the society and more so to the students; s/he is the source of morals and good conduct in the children and/or the students.

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