Essay: The importance of studying the GAD

10 Oct

Essay: The importance of studying the GAD

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The importance of studying the GAD and depression comorbid is due to the high prevalence percentage indicated amongst patients diagnosed with GAD to exhibit depression disorders and vice versa.  For instance, the current psychiatric comorbidity in GAD occurred in more than half the patients diagnosed. Amongst these half incidences comorbid diagnoses were major depression, specific phobia, and panic disorder social. The patients with lifetime diagnosis of GAD, research suggests that they usually have a history of major depressionordysthymia.

Treatment, intervention and management history point out that only 20 to 25 percent of patients diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder experience spontaneous remission. Therefore, basing on this spontaneous remission percentage alone, Generalized Anxiety Disorder alone is likely to cause a significant amount of disability to the persons disordered, while its development with secondary depression further compounds the disability to both society and patient.  Thus it is a point of worth to examine and look at GAD, but more important is priority in avoiding the society big blow manifested in the GAD and comorbid depression.

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