Essay: The global financial crisis-Clive Hamilton’s Argument

10 Oct

Essay: The global financial crisis-Clive Hamilton’s Argument

Sample Essay

In his arguments, Clive Hamilton argues that life can only be seen to improve when the people are happy. He goes ahead to state that many countries are not interested in making life simple and entertaining but rather look forward  for authentic identity among many other nations. Going shopping is in one way a solution to the problem although it has some weaknesses too. For one to shop, he or she needs some cash.

However in these times of the global economic meltdown, many people cannot afford this. It therefore makes shopping very impractical and impossible. Hamilton goes ahead to say that many people will always insist on buying what they want using the money they don’t have and to please those they don’t like. In stating this, he implies that buying goodie especially during hard economic times will by no way improve the economic situation they are in but instead make it worse.  He means that shopping can never be part of the solution to such economic crisis.

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