Essay: The Ford Motor Company

11 Oct

Essay: The Ford Motor Company

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Ford Motor Company commonly known as Ford is one of the largest automotive manufacturer in the world.  It has close to 300 markets spread across over six continents in the world.  Its major brands include Ford, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mazda, Mercury, Land Rover, Lincoln and Volvo.  Its main operation base is situated in the U. S and Europe with its headquarters located in Dearborn (Michigan).  These company is involved in designing, developing, manufacturing and servicing cars and trucks all over the world.  It is mainly concerned in provision of automotive and financial services.  The financial service sector offers financial assistance to its automotive dealers as well as its customers (Yahoo News).

From the Data monitor company profile, Ford company employs over 283,000 people both directly and indirectly and it makes a significant contribution to the economic growth of the U. S through the large amounts of revenue it collects.  For instance, statistics obtained from the data monitor indicate that the company made a total revenue collection of 160,123 million dollars in the fiscal year which ended in Dec 2006 with an operating loss of 16,950 million dollars during the same period.  The SIC on which Ford Motor Company operates includes motor vehicles and passenger car bodies.  This company mainly operates on SIC code 3711 which represents the consumer cyclical sector of Auto and Truck Manufacturers.

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