Essay: The European committee, 1990

10 Oct

Essay: The European committee, 1990

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The accused were allowed to hire a lawyer to defend them (European Committee, 1990, P. 17). If unable to pay for the services, the European system provides a public lawyer who stands for the accused. In Islamic system, this is a dream far from achievement.

On entering into a plea, the accused was allowed to speak for himself and asked whether they plead to the charges or not. Their answer will then determine the next direction of the case. The system provides a bail out arrangement where the accused can be set free pending investigations or further hearing of the case(24). This was very interesting as one could be given ample time to prepare his defense and face the charges when ready. However, this had some omissions especially if a case was of higher magnitudes. The European system allows one to get prepared for trial thus eliminating any chances of unfair verdicts.

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