Essay: The European and Islamic Criminal justice System

10 Oct

Essay: The European and Islamic Criminal justice System

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The criminal justice system is a judicial process established in a government system and tasked with dealing with prosecuting individuals who break the law in engaging in criminal offences. These systems are different in various parts of the globe and date back into the ancient times  (Malcolm et al. 1995, p. 13)

Development of the criminal justice system in the Europe

The European criminal justice system has a very rich history that dates back to the biblical times. This is because Christianity laws were the first to take role in most regions of Europe. According to Barry et al. (2008), most laws that already existed in most parts of Europe were based on religious doctrines mostly on the bible up to the year 1215. A few countries such as Germany had very different ways of conducting criminal jurisdictions. This was because of the difference in the form of government that was in place. However, the system was more or less the same in the whole of the European region.

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