Essay: The Environmental Health emergency preparedness unit

10 Oct

Essay: The Environmental Health emergency preparedness unit

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Another vital unit that ought to be anchored in every nation’s preparedness plan is Environmental health emergency preparedness unit. This unit can effectively plan for response to terrorism acts targeting the respiratory system and hence ensures items of clothing are available at convenient and appropriate locations (Crank 1994). They can also have equipment for mobile testing for toxic levels.

Another very important area is the establishment of well-equipped hospitals. These should be well equipped in terms of medicine and personnel (Tucker, 1996). These will ensure that incase of emergencies, we will be able to cope with the outcomes. This is possible by enhancing the strategic stockpiles of all the materials that might be needed during emergencies. To further cement my position, I will bring to the fore the situation below which shows that terrorism threats and other forms of crime are here to stay with us especially due to the political situation in the middle east. Many Muslims world wide believe that the western countries and especially the USA are pro- Palestinians. This has led to the war spiraling over to be come a conflict between the Muslim extremist’s Vs the Western civilization.

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