Essay: The cost of domestic violence

11 Oct

Essay: The cost of domestic violence

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Clearly, the above cost of domestic violence cannot be neglected and if not well managed can lead to stagnant development as resources that is supposed to develop the nation is diverted towards domestic violence projects. However, statistics collected above about the cost of domestic violence may be considered as underestimate because most public service do not collect data showing how their services are being utilized as a result of domestic violence. For example, statistics are unavailable for cost of domestic violence to education services, cost of therapeutic sector, and the human cost to children.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a very common occurrence.  This is evident from high prevalence rates of domestic violence in the sense that 1 in 4 women are affected by domestic violence in their lifetimes regardless of class, age, disability, social, lifestyle or race. The common occurrence of domestic violence can also be shown by the total cost of domestic violence which is estimated by Walby (2004) to be £23 billion per year. In this magnitude, domestic violence takes 16% of the total violent crimes recorded. More severely, in year 2006 there were 13 million incidences of violent crimes against women from former or current partners.

This paper is therefore draws its motivation from the justifiable reasons that validate study of domestic violence. Some of the key objective of this paper shall include: to find out if domestic violence occurrence is increasing in UK and its implication on social policy work. Bin order to do this effectively, the paper shall look at the literature review; Research methodology both qualitative and quantitative approaches and finally shall summarise the main ideas in the conclusion.

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