Essay: The collective social life

11 Oct

Essay: The collective social life

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Related to the identified scholars’ assumptions, the dynamics of the initiative’s contributing culture may be considered as a “collective social life” while asserting emotional influences as almost irrelevant in the development of this culture.  Culture, as assumed by the scholars, is a product of “collective social life” and “…an ongoing production, as opposed to a ‘thing’ or force, shaped by the emotionally mediated activities of human subjects.”   Further, the phenomenon of culture enacts and assesses varied conceptions of “power, resistance, and conciliation…” (255)

However, the identified scholars only consider social life as an entity that freely develops into culture without considering the contribution from any external stimuli.  Unlike the assumptions of the identified scholars, one may assume that a “collective social life,” as the primary component of culture, is not an isolated construct that develops spontaneously.  Instead, culture develops according to the social life’s emotionally based responses, behaviors, thoughts, actions and reactions.  Contrary to the implications of the identified scholars, culture is not an innate and inherent concept. (255)   Instead, culture is a developed and learned concept with the defining contributions of individual and collective emotions that shape and guide this culture.

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