Essay: The Cartesian mind-body dualism

10 Oct

Essay: The Cartesian mind-body dualism

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In addition to that, Descartes mediation on the Cartesian mind-body dualism that he offers in place of traditional understandings is central to controversy between Aristotle and Descartes on the Person and its implication for the human person. Descartes advance the idea that mind and body are distinctly separate but interconnected.

He starts his argument by advancing the notion that there is great difference between the body and mind in the sense that mind is indivisible while the body is by nature always divisible. Although, the whole mind seems to be united to the whole body, mind cannot be distinguished into any part. This can well be illustrated by the fact that when any part of the body such as a hand or leg for that matter is removed, nothing is removed from the mind represented by such faculties as thinking, understanding and feeling.

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