Essay: The anti spam bill affects the business class

10 Oct

Essay: The anti spam bill affects the business class

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The bill affect the business class that prefers the use of unsolicited commercial media described as spam, which they use at very low costs. Other technologies and software installations used in various communication media such as phishing, and regarded as electronic were also targeted by this bill meaning online marketing was the most affected use the internet (Neil).

Next, a notice that seeks that authority to debate a bill is sought by the member behind the bill. This simple process requires a bill notification to be presented to the house and placed in the order paper by the house clerk. This is done using a written notice to the clerk 48 hours earlier meaning not after 6.00 pm on a Friday (John, & Thomas, 17). This culminates into placement of the title assigned to the bill in a notice paper awaiting formal introduction of the bill to the floor of the house (19). The bill is now subject to debate whatever time the legislator feels appropriate to do so since no more introduction procedures are required when a bill is listed in the order paper.

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