Essay: The affects of overcrowding in new jersey

11 Oct

Essay: The affects of overcrowding in new jersey

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The state of New Jersey has not escaped from the effects of overcrowding in its state’s jails. To address this, several programs have been instigated. The Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative for example was replicated inNew Jersey(Simsen 54). Its goals include; reducing the number of youth inappropriately detained; redirecting public funds towards reform strategies that are successful; and decreasing the number of youths failing to appear in court or re-offend pending adjudication. Other dockets covering youth related alternative initiatives include; diversion where a delinquent individual is released to responsible guardians or a station house adjustment is conducted on the said youth.

This program is coordinated by the Youth Services Commission; probation supervision where probation officers supervise probationers in accordance with court orders and Probation Outcome Standards. Reporting programs with six-day moderations are served to juveniles who are determined to need structure and supervision without the need to be distanced from their homes; juvenile correction continuum which focuses on the corrective aspect of juvenile attitudes, behaviors and habits. Services provided include medical, vocational and educational programming. The New Jersey Juvenile Commission is responsible for providing these services. The community corrections cover residential community homes and residential substance abuse programs to relevant youths (Simsen 78).

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