Essay: The 1967 War

11 Oct

Essay: The 1967 War

Sample Essay

The claim of Jerusalem by both sides in the conflict does not make matters any better(Drucker 1993). After the 1967, six days war, the whole of Jerusalem was claimed by Israel and Israeli legislative assembly or the Knesset declared it an Israeli city for eternity. This Israeli claim is not recognized by the United Nations, which for peaceful use of Jerusalem as a holly site to both the Jewish and the Palestinians. Apart from the United states, most other countries do not recognize the Israeli claim on Jerusalem .Arabs from west bank, Gaza and other Palestine territories are allowed to come to Jerusalem for religious activities but there are those who are banned for various reasons(Bernal 2001) .

Noting that this department falls within an area with a reasonable Muslim population, the events in the middle east are always with us here in Allexandria. The  highest ranking Muslim authority in Jerusalem and  Palestine has been quoted variously praising the child martyrs and calling on more youths to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their community and religious standing.

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