Essay: Terrorism and Technology

18 Oct

Essay: Terrorism and Technology

Sample Essay

Research credibility also known as internal validity seeks to assure people evaluating research findings that the information obtained is believable (Merriam, 1998, p. 164). Participants who happened to be actively involved in the entire research procedures can only tell this. Internal validity of this research is therefore guaranteed, as the researcher happened to carry out the procedure right from literature review to research design to data collection, analysis, and interpretation. This cannot be doubted as the best source of information was used.

Literature review materials were obtained from secondary sources that included books, journals, and electronic (internet). These sources were exhaustively consulted and many theoretical realities about terrorism and technology obtained. This formed the basis of interpreting the results and relating them to what had already been done in similar studies. The results also provided contextual details about the methods used in collecting data. They also provided a chance for analysis of previous research undertakings and gave a backing to the result of the research. Thorough revisiting of previously done researches using these methods was done prior to setting to collect data and using similar analysis methods Being involved in data collection personally further dispels any fears of second parties exaggerating mouth responses from the respondents.

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