Essay: Technology cannot replace the importance of environment

10 Oct

Essay: Technology cannot replace the importance of environment

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Technology cannot replace the importance of environment to mankind. In other words, it cannot be a second environment in the world of mankind. For example, coal mining requires a lot of machinery for extraction and to make the whole process easier, however what about the air pollution caused by the smoke evolving from the exhaust pipes? There will be no point in time that we will have technology replacing the natural dynamics of environment. Recently, there was a concern on global warming. Technocrats have confessed that despite the efforts put in place, the universe still records high cold temperatures.

The mineral resource sector is critical to Australia’s economic and social well-being.’[1].

From a developmentalist point of view[2] coal mining as a natural endowment has instrumental value given that it contributes positively to the economy and social well-being of Australians. If a policy were to be passed regarding whether to carry on with the coal mining activity and the participants held different ethical views then such conclusions would draw: Coal mining benefits the people of Australia so why bother about the pollution caused through the mining activity? Others would argue that since it is causing a great danger to the environment let stop the activity? Such opinions will draw from anthropocentrists and ecocentrists respectively.

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics Article1271910?opendo

[2] Desjardins, J. (2000)  Environmental Ethics: an Introduction to Environmental Philosophy, Wadsworth Publishing, California

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