Essay: Technological Interventions

17 Oct

Essay: Technological Interventions

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Technological interventions have come up with numerous ways of ensuring the world goes green. They believe that not only sourcing energy from these sources can be positive, but also coming up with innovations that are themselves, green energy oriented. For instance, architects have come up with buildings that are capable of remaining cool during the day and warm during the night.

This saves a lot of energy that would rather have been used in air conditioners in the day and heating systems during the night. Such buildings become a source of green energy (Botros and Basaly 1997, p. 117). Although this is a good approach to going green, its sustainability can be obstructive since such buildings are expensive to construct. Comparing the damages that would otherwise be incurred in absence of such initiatives, environmentalist are  convinced that adopting green technology is the best option the world can take however expensive it may sound.

Plans are underway by scientist to obtain clean energy from coal. This sounds impossible but scientists are affirming that there may be green and clean energy coming from coal. Separation of harmful substances from coal before use forms the basis of this project. The moment it succeeds, then the atmosphere will be protected from pollution to a great extent.

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