Essay: Teachers need to feel supportive

19 Oct

Essay: Teachers need to feel supportive

Sample Essay

Teachers who work with youth at high risk of academic failure need to feel supported and have an avenue by which they can continue to develop skills, techniques, and learn about innovative strategies.“Schools that have found ways to educate all students well have done so by providing ongoing learning for teachers and staff” (National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, p. 9). Low-achieving students increased their achievement level by as much as 53% when taught by a highly effective teacher (Haycock, 1998).

Active learning embraces teaching and learning strategies that engage and involve students in the learning process. Students find new and creative ways to solve problems, achieve success, and become lifelong learners when educators show them that there are different ways to learn. There is a correlation between high truancy rates and low academic achievement (Dynarski & Gleason, 1999). Some school administrators believe that the scheduling and structure of the school day can have an effect on truancy. The use of a block schedule has reduced truancy in some schools (Truancy Reduction Efforts, 2000).

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