Essay: Teachers are second in importance after parents

10 Oct

Essay: Teachers are second in importance after parents

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Further to what has been mentioned above, teachers take the second place from the parents. Once the children are sent to school it confirms that the parent wishes to assign to the teacher the responsibility of educating the child further. This is because education is wide and somehow specialized. Parents may not adequately help their children grow in their intellectual dimension; therefore, use of teachers who are well trained can help in such cases.

Note that the teacher spends his/her career life educating the child therefore, s/he ought to be remunerated to earn his/her living. Teachers have got needs like anybody else so they need money to facilitate their needs. Nowhere in the world will one encounter free services, everyone should eat from his sweat by all ways and at all times. Therefore, the argument that teachers should educate free of charge is null and void and unjust. They should be remunerated to earn their living just like everybody else in other different professions.

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