Essay: Table index clustering

10 Oct

Essay: Table index clustering

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Indexes are several numerically (Li X.B et al, 2001; Girolami and Kabán, 2001; Lee, al, 2001). They include B-tree indexes, function-based, domain and partitioned indexes. B-tree index is the only one tacked herein. B-tree indexes assist in retrieval of small data amounts from a large table. If the table is large with few rows, the index becomes more effective. Indexes have read access improvement using sub queries.

Update performance will however be impaired because every time we insert a row into, deleted from or updated in the database, we have to adjust the indexes thereby increasing the amount of i/o that has to perform (Nadeau 2006). It is advisable to reduce the number of indexes so as to improve performance. Columns to be indexed must be regularly used so as to avoid queries because a lot of space will be wasted and database performance degraded. The specificity of B-tree index cardinally should be considered as one B-tree index should refer to a single row. This reduces the i/o amount required for data retrieval.

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