Essay: Systems used to obtain data

10 Oct

Essay: Systems used to obtain data

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The systems that are used to obtain data for lithological mapping themes are as a result of combining field survey and spectral analysis of the remote sensing data from three sources. The remote sensing data sources are SPOT,   Landsat TM and Landsat MSS[1]. System used obtains such vital information and necessary analysis of geological patterns and phenomena.

Lithological themes uses advanced remote sensing data for detecting geobotanical indicators, alteration zones and mineral assemblages for litho-structural analyses. In order to map out a possible geoharzard. Thus the data obtained relates to the survey of ground deformation and thermal anomalies using SAR data[2]. Secondly, recognition of different types of intrusive rocks and mineral alteration zones. The third information collected is the survey of the flanks of the volcano edifice prone to sector-collapse. And lastly is the discrimination of lithological units within metasedimentary complexes.

[1] Taylor, Avery. Miller,Berlin. 2002. Fundamentals of Remote Sensing. Pp. 318

[2] Weber, Charles. 2005. Methodology for Regional Mapping of Natural Hazards using Remote Sensing and GIS. Pp. 277

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