Essay: Syria Iran alliances

10 Oct

Essay: Syria Iran alliances

Sample Essay

The coming together of different countries for particular aims and objectives is common in today’s world. Countries have gone ahead to engaged not only with their neighbors but also by other countries far away from them. These alliances are usually aimed to attain a mutual kind of relationships ranging from political, economic and environmental cooperation’s (Badran, 2009, p. 31). An alliance is defined as any close association between either nations or even other groups such as labor movements, political parties, communities, and many others, with an aim of perusing common interests (33).

Configuration of these alliances is usually a reflector of the basic political arrangement of a certain region commonly referred to as geopolitics (Raphaeli, & Gersten, 2008). Alliances are usually established in most cases for peaceful intentions such as trade, which may evolve with time to aggressive motives such as military cooperation. According to Raphaeli, & Gersten, 2008, this is proved by the fact that peace is usually established in regions with constant conflicts when alliances are formed between such countries. A good example of this is the thirty-year-old Syria-Iran alliance that has seen a drastic drop in political tension between the two countries and thus establishing a relatively calm middle east (Badran, 2009, p. 29).

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