Essay: Syria Iran alliances-weakened alliance

11 Oct

Essay: Syria Iran alliances-weakened alliance

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Another threat arise from the decline in number of perceived enemies. Although this is obviously not feasible, the exit of Iraq from the list of enemies has weakened the alliance to some extent (Yacoubian & Lasensky, 2008, p, 108). First, less focus will be put on this country and therefore no need for more commitment to the matter. Less strategic planning will be go on between the two hence a reduction in intimacy level. Such eventualities are seen by many s threats to this alliance since its essence was to protect the interest of the two using military means.

Since Israel has ever agreed to a cease-fire between it and Syria, another attempt to this will by far have damage the second main pillar that the alliance stands on (111). This can be stated in other words to mean that whenever isolation from Arab world and threats from Israel decline, so will the Iranian-Syrian alliance.

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