Essay: Syria Iran alliances-overview

11 Oct

Essay: Syria Iran alliances-overview

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Formidable alliances between various groups are the most effective way to gather enough momentum in pushing for certain common agenda. Syria and Iran have achieved more in especially in trade although Iran seems to benefit more. Alliances tend to be very successful in achieving the preset targets especially in military activities. The Syria-Iran alliance was formed on very strong basis thus explaining its resilience under numerous challenges. It is therefore correct to say than the foundational structures of an alliance are very fundamental in determining the ability of such alliances to overcome opposition. Strong leadership skills and personalities also play a key role in sustaining alliances. Were it not for commitment that the alliance between Syria and Iran received from heir then leaders, it would have certainly fallen to opposition from economic giants such a Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Apart fro politics, religion play a greater role in establishing alliances especially in the Arab world where people put religion first. This is explained by the solidarity in the Arab countries opposing the existence of Israel. Ideological uniformity among states do encourage formation of alliances as both political and economic goals tend to coincide.

Alliances if left to run exclusively without monitoring by the international community can prove lethal to regional or the world peace. As Parsi (2007, P. 109) puts it, establishment of militia group Hezbollah has resulted into aggressiveness against Israel, thus necessitating monitoring of such amalgamations in the modern world. Despite the fact that the Iran-Syria alliance is a thorn in flesh to many other nations, it is however not likely to fall as possible threats to it remains rather speculative and appear more apparent than real.

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