Essay: Sweatshop Industry Contribution to the Economy

21 Oct

Essay: Sweatshop Industry Contribution to the Economy

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U.S. or the Western world. Truly, this is so since most vendors are making good profits out of it. No one can dispute that it contributes a lot to the economy. However, on moral grounds the good results must never derive from the bad acts or the bad intentions. Therefore, making huge profits which is a good result for the garment industry and the state lacks moral strength since it derives from the exploitation and poor remuneration of the workers which is a wrongful way to act.

From the onset of our study, we could easily stop writing after we provided the definition of a sweatshop and shout in one accord that sweatshops industry is by far immoral. Its dynamics are more inclined to immorality though a few elements of it justify it morally. Whenever you hear that persons are being exploited in whatever manner, just know that it is immoral. That only, qualifies it as immoral. It does not matter what good fruits or profits a business will harvest what counts is if your business upholds fundamental elements that foster the dignity of the person involved. Whether the person gives consent or works voluntarily his/her dignity must be upheld.

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