Essay: Survey of American women 1974-1979

10 Oct

Essay: Survey of American women 1974-1979

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The analyzed data from Virginia Slims Survey of American Women done between 1974 and 1979 shows that the  role values differs between men and women are of high proportion among divorced families which is on increased in the present society. The gap between gender divorcees has given rise to female’s participation in economic structures of the nation. Changes in family and marriage institutions have great influence in divorce rates (Finlay, Starnes and Alveras, 2004). In America, families are experiencing changes due to increase level of divorce.

It is perceived that two- parent family is ideal structure for children, deviating from it results to negative social effects. The change of family structure due to divorce may bring problems such juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, poor relationship with parents, sexual promiscuity and poor academic performance (Barber and Ecless, 1992). Both divorcee women and men have double traditional roles of family by being family heads, bread winners, disciplining of children and managers of household activities.

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