Essay: Surveillance and Intelligence-The EU

17 Oct

Essay: Surveillance and Intelligence-The EU

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The EU has remained fully committed to regional security from Iraq to Afghanistan and from the Aceh and Africa to the Palestinian territories (Maple and Mitchell 1999). Member States of the European commission in liaison with the commission have embarked on a program of coordinating their assistance to third world countries to help them in counterterrorism efforts. Aid has been given to Algeria and Morocco and many other member states as well as provision of support by the commission to the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation.

Also being assisted is the African Union’s Counter – Terrorism Centre in Algiers (NCIS 1999). Unfortunately, under the current EU treaty, there are clear limits as pertains to what the EU can do to protect the public against acts of terror (Moore 2003). Due to the requirement for unanimity, the decision making process has been slowed down. Some of the problems facing security initiatives can be seen in the fact that it took more than a year before the EU could muster enough unanimity for the appointment of the director of the Europol (Europe Police). Also, even when the council is able to reach unanimity, it often takes a number of years before the various national parliaments can implement the relevant legislations (Moore et al 2003). This can be seen from the three Europol conventions.

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