Essay: Success of children

19 Oct

Essay: Success of children

Sample Essay

Mental and emotional instability, childhood depression, and a feeling of lack of control over life makes a student feels as if no matter how hard they try, they will not be successful. Unidentified learning disabilities are also reasons for truant behavior. Vision and auditory problems have sometimes gone undiagnosed. Failure of a student to grasp concepts within the classroom setting due to physical or cognitive limitations inevitably lead to negative behavior and disinterest in school. Drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy and parenting, and a number of other causes related to the student’s family are on the rise.

A parent’s lack of appreciation for the value of an education, and financial difficulties, inability to adequately supply proper nutrition, clothing, and transportation needed are also increasing problems. Ineffective parenting and a lack of parental control and supervision causes more truancy. The overall increasing familial instability (one-parent household; parental discord; poor parent-child relationship; frequent moving) and inappropriate role models, and child abuses and/or neglects (physical, psychological, sexual), substance abuse and alcoholic parents are other challenges. Parental conveniences (older sibling kept home to baby-sit the younger children) are all alarming problems that relate to truancy of today’s students.

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