Essay: Study by tur-kapsa and Bryan on Autism

19 Oct

Essay: Study by tur-kapsa and Bryan on Autism

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Research conducted before, and after, the development of this model provides support for the premises on which each step is based (; Fontaine et al., 2002;Asarnow and Callan, 1985).

The Most pertinent to the present research is a recent, comprehensive study  that was conducted by Tur-kapsa and Bryan (1994) they tried to assessed the social information-processing skills that is  described by Dodge and his colleagues (1986) among low achieving students, average achieving students, and students with learning disabilities such as the one caused by autism. As a result when presented with a theoretical social situation, the responses made by average achieving students suggested significantly better capability than those of students with learning disabilities on the encoding, representation, response search, response decision, and enactment processes of the social information-processing model.

The majority of the research on this model has however compared the aggressive and the rejected children with children who do not have these characteristics or the social difficulties associated with them. As a result, it is this research that is highlighted as each step of Crick and Dodge’s (1994) social information-processing model is described.

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