Essay: Study on identical twins and criminals

19 Oct

Essay: Study on identical twins and criminals

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A study on identical twins in a University in Florida carried out in 2007 shows that the relationship of criminal behaviour of identical and fraternal twins were evaluated with each other in these studies; it was concluded that rates of participation in criminal acts to be more alike for pairs of identical twins compared to fraternal.   However, critics dispute that reasons other than that of hereditary could be the cause for the result.

Contrasting to other family members identical twins normally spend more time collectively, frequently having the similar instructors and associates, thus sharing allot of experiences. Identical twins are more often than not closely emotionally involved to each other because of the aforesaid factors, making them similar in approach and behaviour including, involvement in criminal activity. A question may be raised in relation to genetic factors leading to criminal behaviour, that why should one be penalized if it is genetically inherited? The answer to such a question rely in part on whetherone believes that factors reducing but not getting rid of one’sability for willpower ought to reduce moral accountabilityfor one’s behaviour. Moral philosophers differ on this subject,with some requiring an impairment of normal deliberative processesor at least a denial of the desires that the person findsso hard to manage before they would accept an argument forimprovement.

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