Essay: Student strength index-strategies

17 Oct

Essay: Student strength index-strategies

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Regardless of the above mentioned provision Hayes (2007) has failed to indicate the strategies put in place in order to ensure strict confidentiality of the students’ information. More so, it is vital to make necessary provisions for circumstances following the breach of any agreed on contract between the researcher and participant. This is usually crucial in creating confidence in the research’s credibility. Also, as the research sample involved voluntary participation the researcher may have used better influences in order to encourage more students into taking part. Simply informing the students of the enjoyable experience of participating in the research was not ample at achieving this. Perhaps the use of other motivational aspects would have elicited better responses.

The concepts which form the basis for this research are highly valuable. Hayes (2007) has drawn from various research studies and established a consistency with these previous findings. The validity of GRE and UGPA is not questioned blindly but with the use of ample tangible evidence. Furthermore, the fact that the researcher has proven the credibility of the Student Strength Index and ensured its reliability has made the formulation of the research outcomes more reliable. Apart from adding to the literature of education studies, this research will be very important to a vast range of individuals. For the research student carrying out this study they are able to gain more knowledge and research experience in the field of education. It also gives them further insight and enables them to identify other areas which require further research. The findings of this study will also be highly instrumental in instigating change in the admission criterion for graduate schools. With the importance of considering motivational competencies in selection processes clearly emphasized in the research proposal, this study will prompt administration officials in colleges to rethink their admission strategies. Furthermore, other researchers will be drawn to analyzing the SSI design and even propose adjustments which can elevate its reliability.

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