Essay: Struggle of the Americans

18 Oct

Essay: Struggle of the Americans

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The main target group for the author is the people of America for he makes them understand how they started their struggle to liberate themselves from the oppression of their colonizers. The riot was on king street and was mainly because of the atrocities that the soldiers were committing to the people of Massachusetts and especially Boston town, which was occupied by 1770. The author saw the reason of giving the American people an insight in what how the British soldiers contributed to much of the history of America. Because of the oppressive nature of the British soldiers towards the natives of America a reason to gang up together and fight the British rule in their land.

The main idea in the text is to show how the fight for the liberation of the Americans from the hands of British rule started because of the killing of five of their men by foreign troops. If the soldiers could have, being cautious in the way they approached the riot then things could have been different. After the killing of the five men, all Americans started to view the soldiers as people who were out to hurt them. Almost everyone started to feel insecure as it regards the soldiers. The Boston is of great significance to the liberation of the Americans since it made them to unite against foreign rule. Other natives from other American towns decided to revolt against the British rule after the death of these men. It is a good read for anyone who is interested in understanding what caused the American uprising.

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