Essay: Strengths of Ford motor company

10 Oct

Essay: Strengths of Ford motor company

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The recent adoption of VoIP phones have also helped the company to monitor and control it costs.  With this major investment on VoIP phones, the company is hoping to save costs and expand its profit margins.  Ford has also introduced a wireless assembly factory which uses an automated system to replenish materials and robots for assembling car parts.

This is aimed at allowing the company to be efficient in its operations while reducing the production cost.  The year 2004 saw Ford earn a higher profit from the 1. 9 billion dollars collected as opposed to its all time rival General Motors historical earnings of 1. 3 billion dollars (Harbour, 2001).

Bill Ford the Ford Motor Company CEO, has revealed a plan to make more profits by selling fewer cars in the future.  With the release of different varieties of cars into the market, Ford hopes to make a huge com back and overtake all its competitors in the global market.

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