Essay: Strategies to overcome business difficulties

18 Oct

Essay: Strategies to overcome business difficulties

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These core values shall guide NIC HR strategy. These values are performance, ideas and people. In that regard, value commitment that is rooted in the plans and strategy desired for change will result to working environment that staff performs effectively. In order to uphold these values staff motivation is a critical success factor.

3.1 People

NIC firm shall respect individual diversity and socio – cultural background. While the organization shall expect the workforce to act with honesty, open mindedness, integrity and creatively in working encounters and interaction with workmate community and society at large.

3.2 Ideas

NIC Company shall regard vision, innovation and creativity as key individual attributes within the workforce. The guiding principles in daily working processes shall be flexibility and outward looking. Hence the entire staff community is expected to be good listeners, responsive and look out to diversity of opinions within the firm and society.

3.3 Performance

NIC shall provide framework for developing workforce, leadership and management capabilities that are necessary for supporting firm’s objectives and expected best ability performance by the staff. In this connection, the staff shall be expected to take responsibility for their own development, inactions and actions. While the firm shall fully recognize and reward employees that indicates excellent performance and commitment towards the organization and objective achievement.

4.0 Capabilities

The HR strategy lays emphasis on the critical influence in relation to achieving firm’s objectives through competencies and capabilities (Jackson 2000). In this respect employee unitary competency within the work force shall collectively for a base for NIC competency. Hence attention shall be paid towards developing staff’s competencies through diversification of knowledge, skill and aptitude.

The capabilities shall be representative of the individual behaviour that facilitates rather than barricading NIC success in the market. Both individual and organizational capabilities are listed below.

Individual capabilities Organization’s capabilities
Rationality Thinking and acting strategically
Collaborative working Leading individuals
Delivery of innovation and change Developing the workforce
Customer satisfaction delivery  
Result delivery  

Table1. HR strategy capabilities.

The above tabulated capabilities are useful in guiding NIC learning and OD strategy that should be used in formulation of the priority actions for recruitment and selection appraisals, performance management and workforce development.

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