Essay: Strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts

8 May

Essay: Strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts

Sample Essay

Interpersonal conflicts can gain precedence in this example where there is a variety of cultures and hence barriers in place.

There are several factors that need to consider before proceeding to managing conflicts. These factors are your relationship, the situation, the other person whom you are in conflict with and your goals.

Keeping all these in view, if there are problems between the manager and the employee then the manager should try and focus on what the basic issue was. Having a boss, sub-ordinate relationship can mean that the manager can fall into the trap of dictating a solution which the employee will have to follow. However this is not the solution as the employee will still feel that the decision is imposed on him rather than there being a mutually agreeable solution. Therefore in considering the relationship, the manager should avoid the trap of dictation and try and forge a solution that takes into account both their perspectives.

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