Essay: Storage and retrieval of verbal information

19 Oct

Essay: Storage and retrieval of verbal information

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Moreover, when these children were later asked about the content of the verbal information they had been presented with, children with ASD recalled fewer correct items than children without disabilities indicating difficulty with the storage and retrieval of verbal information. This finding is not surprising given that cognitive and academic difficulties are defining features of ASD.

It is, nonetheless, a significant finding because difficulty storing and retrieving verbal social information suggests that the inaccurate interpretations of children with ASD may result from information not being encoded properly, the first step in Crick and Dodge’s (1994) social information-processing model. Furthermore, if social information is not being encoded and retrieved properly, the implication is that these children are evaluating social cues without having access to relevant information and are likely relying on other knowledge or information they possess. In other words, children with ASD, like aggressive children, may be overlooking relevant social information and interpreting the social behavior of others negatively due to an over- reliance on faulty schemas they possess for social situations or events (Crick & Dodge, 1994).

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