Essay: Stereotypes in the health sector

19 Oct

Essay: Stereotypes in the health sector

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Apparently, these stereotypes and prejudices have stretched to the health sector and the corporate sectors. Multinational corporations based in the country have started to identify stereotypes aimed at barring the African Americans from getting employment or promotions in the corporations. This has eventually led to the development of conflicts and misunderstandings among the different ethnic and cultural groups working in the same corporations (Dovidio, Kawakami & Gaertner, 2002).

Stereotypes and prejudices have not only led to discrimination and segregation in the health sector, education sector and in the employment sector but have also stripped the African Americans and the Asian Americans of their identity and individuality. The humanity that these minority groups are bound to possess has been taken away from them due to the impact of stereotypes and prejudices. Certain behaviors such as violence, crime, and rape have therefore been linked with these groups. This has therefore affected the personal, social and psychological development and well being of these communities (McBrien, 2005).

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