Essay: Steering development through African organizations

10 Oct

Essay: Steering development through African organizations

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Development is a mostly used tool to evaluate a countries commitment to assist itself and those it associates with. Egypt has not been left behind in participating in such lucrative initiatives. The country has actively been involved in establishment of organizations that are aimed at bringing African states together for a common goal-development. When the organization of African union was established, Egypt played a very important role.

This was by offering the technical assistance that would later ensure that the union was strong enough. In providing support to ensure sustainability of its operations, Egypt is one of those countries such as Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, and South Africa that contributes about 75 percent of all funds used by the OAU, nowadays, African union (AU)[1]. Furthermore, Egypt established the Egyptian fund for technical cooperation with other African states. This fund is tasked with giving assistance to other African countries especially those with weaker economic powers with consultation and experts opinions in various fields ranging from political to economic and technological knowhow. The government of Egypt has gone further to guarantee education slots to students from other African countries. By doing so, the country aims at improving technological and scientific approaches to African problems.

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