Essay: Status of green technology currently

17 Oct

Essay: Status of green technology currently

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How far such debates and accusations will go is not important. Nevertheless, it is for the world to turn to green technology. This paper therefore seeks to look at the overall face of green technology and how its perceive abilities can be brought to fruition. Green technology has also created many jobs to different groups of people witnessing a gradual increase since 2009 as illustrated in the graph below, meaning that apart from its intended purpose, it comes with other economies of scale that are more beneficial.

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Human activities bare the greatest brand of responsibilities in degrading the environment (Botros and Basaly 1997, p. 5). The world has experienced a major problem with the climate, which has adjusted negatively because of destruction of the natural environment facets. The climate has gone ahead to unleash its wrath on everything below the sun with man and animals being the most affected. It is ironical that man who happens to be a rational being and understands environmental dynamics happens to be relentless in destroying his besiege. However, modern advancements in science have offered an olive branch to man in form of green technology. This scientific approach aims at conservation the environment using green chemistry and subsequently stops destruction of the environment and other natural resources.

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