Essay: Statement of the Fleet Reserve Association

17 Oct

Essay: Statement of the Fleet Reserve Association

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Statement of the Fleet Reserve Association on Military Personnel Policy, Benefits, and Compensation, By John R. Davis on May 16, 2007 (available at


The article is based on the observation of the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) on the military activities output of the army.  The report highlights the sentiments that give light on the possible issues that need to be addressed in order to make the army efficient in the battle field and office. The articles do not base on the real individual impacts of single parenthood, but it highly recommends a number of supportive services that gives insight into the challenges.

Article summary

From the advocacy of the reforms required by the FRA body, it gives emphasis that only through correction of the challenges family- military issues, shall the negative influence of parents single parents included to their children and combat readiness be arrested.  Some of the suggestions include comprehensive strategies to facilitate good Family Readiness and Support, Child and Youth Programs needed by mostly single parents and support for military readiness.

Article analysis

The articles offers good research material for the study topic since it gives the needed for addressing the single parenthood negative impact they have on their children and mission readiness. The article give insight to the problems that results from the weak family support to the under-productivity witnessed and expected.  Therefore, is through these problems that the analysis of impacts can be viewed from.


In conclusion, the paper has discussed the impact of single parents on the military mission and their children. According to the articles that have been used in the discussion, the issue of single parenthood poses a negative impact on children growth and development due to lack of parental support. While on the other hand the single parent soldier due to military stress and low level of satisfaction, his or her combat readiness decreases that lowers his or her effectiveness risking to even dying in the battle field. However, through the discussion also it has pointed out the remedy to build a stronger harmonized army that performs and able to continue family line.

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