Essay: Six Stages Within the Pretext of Business

18 Oct

Essay: Six Stages Within the Pretext of Business

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There are six stages involved in this process and they are as follows. These six stages are summarized within the pretext of business (Crain 2000): The first stage is the pre-conventional stage which is comprises the integration of stage 1 & 2. Stage 1 connotes obedience and punishment inclination. Morality at this level is imposed externally by the external authorities. At stage 2, is when businesses differ in opinions. Due to this relativism of ideas, every business pursues its own interests.

Again, every business seeks to avoid punishment which is connoted by punishment. Businesses at this stage do not identify with the societal values. Conventional morality is attained at stages 3 & 4. Here there are good interpersonal skills and businesses regard morality as something worth and as such act in the best interest of the common good. Eventually, post-conventional morality is achieved at stages 5 & 6. Here, the social contract and individual rights are highly considered and protected. In such stages, businesses never care about a smooth running society but it is more concerned with the fundamental rights and values that the society should seek to promote and defend.

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