Essay: The six stages of the communication process/cycle

Sample Essay

A message which triggers communication originates from a given source. The source should be clear so as to be understood. Children who are learning a language need to be given the message in an easy and clear manner. The channel to be used should also be simple and popular with the child. For instance one on one speaking to or with the child is the best channel. The time for the child’s decoding of the message should be adequate as they are still not in a position to decode information as fast as adults.

The message that one encodes and sends must be decodable to the child. Clarity and simplicity are very important since children cannot understand some words for instance jargon or vocabularies. The child is then able to give the feedback to the message given to it.

The context of the message delivery should be that which is familiar to the child, mostly the home environment as the only context it is conversant with is that which surrounds it. All the barriers that may affect or limit the child’s response to language learning should be removed the message should not be technical, erroneous, or ambiguous.

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