Essay: Sporting Rules in Europe

19 Oct

Essay: Sporting Rules in Europe

Sample Essay

The commission was entitled to follow up initiatives of anti-doping policies presented. European sport is characterized by a multitude of complex and diverse structures which enjoy different types of legal status and levels of autonomy in Member States. Their sporting rules are well developed. However, the political declaration had no importance in binding force of Community law. European Court of Auditors required a clear legal basis in Community law, the situation dint offer a satisfactory basis for the Commission to pursue a corresponding active sport policy (Commission of the European Communities, 2007).

Social Inclusion

Doping poses a threat to sport worldwide whether the nations are developing or developed.  Where doping is involved, principle of open and fair competition is undermined. The act of doping is demoralizing in general sporting and it puts the professional in a negative public image and pressure. The long term effect is a threat to individual health, development and growth. It is advisable that the fight against fight against doping must take into account both a law-enforcement and health prevention dimension.

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