Essay: Spiritual Persuasion

11 Oct

Essay: Spiritual Persuasion

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This fascinates and quite interests me in this religion where equality reigns in spiritual persuasion course. Therefore during this worship ritual all participants are in a common act of merit referred to as pinkama. After the ceremonies reaches the temple shrine room, palanquins and offerings are placed at a stipulated place by the priest or monk that leads the worship session or a bhikkhu[1].

The follow up event after the offering reaches the temple shrine room, the lamps lit, and incense burnt, stanzas are recited to validate each kind of offering made. This is done first by a bhikkhu who first administers the Refuges and Precepts.

The relevant stanzas are recited from the Pali aloud. At this time other devotees with their hands clasped in adoration, repeat them in chorus form after the bhikkhu says them aloud.  In this context, some worship session is followed by hevisi-puja[2] which denotes music offerings. To mark the end of the worship session in the temple, one of the bhikkhu delivers a short precise sermon about the teachings of Buddha and relevancy of that particular teaching to today’s world life[3].

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