Essay: Special issue related to modern technologies

12 Oct

Essay: Special issue related to modern technologies

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There are a number of issues that closely relate to technology. The issues therefore influence the patterns and the various issues related to the modern business operations. One special issue that relate to modern technology is the ever dynamic nature of technology in the modern world. According to Huselid, Jackson, Schuler (1997, pp. 88-171), technology is not static but it constantly grows and changes. A number of private issues also influence technology. A number of technologies, if not well managed, could greatly hamper the standards of security in a given business environment (Metcalf 1994). Threats of technology continue to be the major issues of concern when most technologies are being put into use (Bannister, Norris, and Mackenzie 2009). Terrorist, for instance, mainly utilizes various technologies, in ensuring that their illegal activities are not detected.

The second issue of concern on the modern technology is the ever spiral cost of technology. Technology continues to be very costly thus making it very complicated for most organizations and individual persons to fully enjoy the benefits that are related to the technologies. The better a given technology is in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness, the more reliable the technology would be. High costs have therefore become very closely associated to better technological machines. This has led to more companies hiking the cost of technology in order to give the false impression of better and more efficient technological apparatus.

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