Essay: Sonderkommandos

31 Mar

Essay: Sonderkommandos

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Another important mention in the book is that of the Sonderkommandos’ who were made to help the Nazis in the working of the gas chambers and cremation of corpses. These were predominantly Jews but sometimes Russians as well who got benefits for this support but were frequently disposed of by the Nazi guards to leave as little eye witnesses as possible. This posed a threat to them and thus in 1944; they attempted a revolt inside the camp with the assistance of the Polish Underground.

The plan actually relied on elements of the Underground to join the Sonderkommandos’ in their fight but they were not able to for which they are frequently blamed. However, Garlinski reports differently stating that the sudden arrival of a Nazi guard resulted in the Sonderkommandos’ having to eliminate him and initiate the plans before the assigned time which led to confusion and a lack of understanding. The circumstances were worsened given that the fighting erupted in day light whereas it would have been better in the cover of night.

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