Essay: Soft drink producers in the world market

18 Oct

Essay: Soft drink producers in the world market

Sample Essay

It should be noted that the Coca-Cola Company is not the sole producer of soft drinks in the world market but the fact that it has substantial sales in most parts of the world makes it operate in a monopoly market type. One of the main reasons why Coca-Cola Company can be considered to be operating in a monopoly industry is the fact that it manufactures 400 brands and manages to sell them in over 200 countries worldwide.

Further, it manages to dominate the market by making sales of approximately 78% leaving the other forms to share the reaming small market share. Although there are other competitors in the market, it is notable that the sales as well as the profits made by Coca-Cola Company are increasing drastically. This shows that the company operates as if it were the sole seller of soft drinks (Constance, 2005).

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